Monday, March 29, 2010

Wedding Inspiration: Color and Invitation

Ok, it's time for some serious inspiration and that's why this week is all about paper!  I tend to love WAY too many styles, so I want to start narrowing down what is going to work for us.  Here are some invitations that I find drool-worthy and just the perfect inspiration pieces.  I also included our colors as a starting point...but if you already saw my bridesmaid's dress post, you'll know that I'm a little stubborn when it comes to picking exact colors and these are just starting out colors, I'll probably use different shades of each.
images are from Oh So Beautiful Paper *the fourth one down is from MS Weddings

I have to admit, I think these colors are just lovely.

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  1. the first and last are my favorites. i like how unique they are. if i could go back and pick out invitations, I'd definitely go with something like this. and the colors? gorgeous. stunning. love.

    and that save the date from the post prior? i actually oohed out loud. yes, it's a keeper in my book.