Tuesday, June 8, 2010

She & Him

Last night my friends and I had a picnic in the park while She & Him played live.  It was a great Monday with good friends, good food and even better music.  And who doesn't love Zooey?...total girl crush.
Their website is super cute as well.


  1. I saw them yesterday too. They were fabulous but boy was it crowded.

  2. They were great, I don't think I have heard of one person that doesn't have a crush on Zooey. That must be extremely weird for her.

    They're headlining LouFest, a 2-day music festival in St. Louis in August and after yesterday it's definitely looking worth the drive to me ;)

  3. I totally agree, Peter! Why is that? It must be because she is so relatable. I guess there are worse problems to have:)
    I'll have to check out LouFest. I'd love to hear them again!