Monday, May 10, 2010


To me, there is nothing more inspiring than having your most treasured keepsakes out to admire.  Here are the items I find priceless.  

My Grandma's Artwork:  I love admiring it, looking at her brush strokes and her signature.  I like to think that I got my creativity from her.


Flowers from my best friend's wedding...

A picture of my Grandma and my dad when he was a baby.  I think she is just stunning...

What are your most treasured items?


  1. Megan - that is such a lovely post! makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. most treasured? so many photos, the travel journal wade and i kept from our honeymoon to italy, all of the artwork in our house that his been picked up over time from our travels and local art fairs, my chicken milkglass dish that was my mother's (and she graciously gave to me after years of admiring!).

    So many things really!

  2. Thanks for the nice note, Kristin! I love the idea of keeping a travel journal to cherish all of the special memories! I'll have to remember that for our honeymoon.