Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wedding Inspiration: Decorating with Paper

More paper inspiration...
I love these pretty paper flowers that could hang from the ceiling or from chairs.  You could make these or buy them here.
If you choose to go the diy way, it is pretty easy as well.  I made these for my best friend's wedding shower (isn't she the cutest?!).  Thank you Martha for another great idea!

This is a great way to personalize your space too. 

I think this is my favorite though.  Adding a large graphic to a blank wall can do so much to cheer up your space and help personalize it.  These are from MS Weddings.
I love love love this one.  You have to check out her entire wedding here and her fantastic stationery shop.  

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  1. i ADORE the last one as well. So cool. You should totally do something like that!

    Hope you, Normie, and Toots had a fabulous Easter. We had a lovely day. H-man and Mill were in fantastic moods and looking quite adorable in their easter outfits. ;)